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So, you're looking for a lawyer. For most of you this means one thing; something very bad and completely unexpected has happened to you and you're not sure if life will ever be the same. What you want is a law firm who can step up, take control of your problem, and turn the tide in your favor. A law firm such as the office of Andre Weitzman, Attorney at Law.

"Andre Weitzman has my highest recommendation as a lawyer."
- Melvin J. Sykes, Esquire

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Nothing feels worse than to be the victim of injustice. You feel helpless, hopeless, degraded, and violated. We know how that feels, having dealt with people in your situation for 30 years and having been there ourselves. You need help, but most of all, you need to start fighting back. Attorney Andre Weitzman focuses on a variety of fraud and malpractice cases, including:

• Consumer Fraud • Personal Injury
• Insurance Claims • Predatory Lending
• Defective Products • Legal & Accounting Malpractice
• Business & Real Estate Litigation • Dangerous Premises & Road Conditions

Because Honesty Matters
At the office of Andre Weitzman, Attorney at Law, we always listen and give you our take on your situation. You may not like what we say or you may find it helpful and reassuring. We will tell you what we think because we believe it is in your interest to hear it and our advice has helped a lot of people in your situation.


Often times we are able to cut your problem down to a manageable size during your first consultation. We always put your best interests first, which is why we will refer you to a state agency, public interest law firm, or even another lawyer who can handle your case better than ourselves.

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